Effects of Writing by Jane Lambert

Writing has always held a special place in my life. I have written multiple poems and songs for friends and family. Most of these pieces expresses my gratitude for the relationship I have with them. Writing has always come easily to me. When I was young, I used to write frequently. In elementary school is when I really started to enjoy creative writing; little did I know that writing would inspire my hobbies later in high school.

I remember when I was around the ages of ten and eleven, I decided to recreate my favorite barbie movie “Island Princess” and turn it into a musical. This was no small task, and as a young writer, I was not prepared for the vastness of this project. I was eleven years old, in fourth grade, when I submitted my finished “musical” to my teacher. She read over it and marked all the grammatical errors. I proceeded to complete this musical, even though it was not a graded assignment. Writing this musical was the start of my love for writing. Since then, I have used my creative writing skills to write three short stories, multiple songs, and started to write another play with an old friend from highschool. Through writing that short, poorly written musical, I fell in love with acting, which became another favored hobby of mine. Writing not only influenced my time during school, but it influenced my hobbies as well.