Creating Worlds by Katelin McDougald

Writing is powerful. With the stroke of a pen or a few pressed keys on a keyboard, a piece can be created that may change someone’s life. I write because I was inspired by the authors that have touched and changed my life in hopes to eventually do the same.

Most commonly, I write creatively. There are so many ideas that run through my head twisting in and out of each other that it only makes sense to write them down. If I don’t, they may stay entangled or worse, fall away to be forgotten. And what’s the fun of writing these stories down if you don’t share them with others?

People read to explore these new worlds they would have never thought of themselves, to explore new narratives and new emotions and new people that only the author alone could have ever thought of. I write to create these worlds for others to enjoy with me. I write to create these worlds for myself, too: to see these places and people come to life is thrilling. I have read fiction and fantasy all my life, and to be able to say I write them now is always surprising, but in a good way. 

With an idea, anyone can write. All it takes is practice. What do you want to write?