Being Oneself and Professionality by Bryan Malone

I like to write because it allows me to be myself. I don’t write for the intention of being read but for the sensation of putting pen to paper. Writing helps me express myself in ways that other formative or summative assessments never could. Often, I struggled with insufficient word stock and writing mechanics in my writings. However over time I was able to understand complex sentences and improve the use of proper punctuation after proofreading my papers. Personally, writing is an essential tool for my selected major. If effective, it can have the ability to inform and gain a larger audience. As a sports journalist, I focus on reporting amateur and professional sporting news and events. However, the field is not only limited to print but television broadcasting and the internet as well. It requires my features, blogs, and sport columns to be brief while incorporating all of the necessary information needed for a sports fan to gain more knowledge. Throughout college, I was fortunate enough to write narrative sport features on our premier athletes at the school. My work also had been published on The Snapper, a blogging website for Millersville University.  Writing doesn’t only help me inform the sports world but help promote my career in the sports communication business. Overall, my professors have developed me as a writer and increased my knowledge of the sports industry which I anticipate to use later in life.