An Escape by Chloe Abramowitz

I write because it gives me a sense of relief. It lets me release my thoughts into a safe place that I know only I can see or share if I want. I can even write things that I don’t usually say to others. I’m the type of person that keeps my emotions to myself and writing lets me do that, while getting my inner thoughts out of my head. It’s a very helpful tool in my expressing my repressed emotions. Back in high school I would often write down what I was feeling if I wasn’t comfortable sharing it with others. It made me feel as if I wasn’t alone in the matter that was troubling me. Like I had a piece of control within the subject. It gave me an escape into my own world with my own thoughts. I think over the years I’ve dedicated a lot of time to writing in a way that has been very beneficial to my growth as a person. Without this part of me I would have never become who I am today and as a result, I am forever grateful.