A Pending Profession- By Jasiem Jenkins

A Pending Profession- Jasiem Jenkins, English 110.15

Writing brings out a different me, when I write I am not myself, I am energetic, I am free and for once I feel like I can finally be happy.

When I write I become happy because it is a way of expressing myself; I often do not talk much; but when writing I am able to express feelings and emotions.

When I am given a topic to write about, I love it when it is about me, no I am not self-centered; I just like sharing information that most people would not ask about, in other words I like surprising my audience.

Throughout my lifetime I have drafted many essays, but I feel like one day I would like to step it up a notch; authorize a book someday, it is not a dream or plan but just a thought.

I have not yet published anything; but I have had many thoughts on doing so; just trying to build myself as a writer for now.

I would love to write an autobiography; finally get to share those inner thoughts I have on my mind all the time; I feel like yes everyone goes through a lot but me I go through a lot with peers and even myself and I just feel like with writing an autobiography I can finally share how I truly feel, and everyone will finally understand me; understand the things I do, what I say and how I act.

Inspiration means a lot to me when writing; writing about someone or something that inspires you, I feel like it brings out a better story; it brings out emotions, heartfelt emotions; emotions that your reader can feel and just maybe connect with.

Free writing is my favorite type of writing. With free writing I can be myself to no extent, no restrictions just write; whatever comes to mind.