A Female Writer- By Deondra L. Bonhomme

A Female Writer- Deondra L. Bonhomme, ENGL 110.15 

I was merely a child, only eight years old when I received my first journal. From there on, I fell in love with the art of writing. While most children enjoyed watching television or playing outside, I found comfort in creating stories through pen and paper. Thinking of a character and bringing it to life on paper was so fascinating to me. By age ten, writing became an obsessive hobby. I’d spend hours non-stop writing. In fact, when my mother purchased her first computer, I held that computer hostage like it was my own. 

 Most children form new hobbies, I did not. This obsession with writing followed me into adulthood. In my early teenage years, writing became a coping mechanism. Somewhere to privately pour out my emotions and talk about traumatic events.  My senior year of high school, I took an honors creative writing class where I got to revive my passion for telling stories. This course made me realize that I could take the darkest stories and create beautiful fictional stories. Before this course, I thought I needed to separate my emotions from my writing. Specifically, writing that’s being reviewed by others. However, I quickly learned that my writer’s voice stands out when I’m vulnerable through my writing.

A writer that inspires me is Louisa May Alcott. The book, little women, was one of the first books I read with a feminist protagonist. I adored Jo March and her passion for writing. When I read it, I felt like I could succeed in the writing industry as a woman. Although, male writers still dominate in the book industry many women have entered the industry and created wonderful books. To this day, the book still has a revolutionary effect on me. I think it’s a great book for aspiring female writers.  

Everyone has a different reasoning for why they write. I write because I want my stories to be a muse to others, to serve a purpose. If a reader doesn’t walk away from one of my stories or essays feeling something. Then, I feel as if I’ve failed at executing my story. I believe that writing within itself is an art. For me, a story isn’t inspiring because of the words. It’s inspiring because of the writer behind the pen.