National Day on Writing 2022

National Day on Writing- Tips for Overcoming Writers Block

October 20th is the National Day on Writing, an event which celebrates the importance of writing by highlighting the role it plays in society today. The National Council of Teachers of English created this day to both call attention to and celebrate the importance of writing.

One experience that all writers face once in their careers is the dreaded writers block. Appearing at the worst of times, writers block creates a challenge for the author, as there seems to be a limit to how much one can write. Although this stagnation seems inescapable, there are a few solutions on how to cease this creative issue. The English Department here at Millersville has created a variety of accountability practices to help combat writers block.

One of the best ways to overcome a writer’s block is to do the opposite of writing- talk to someone about the project you are working on. Vocalizing what it is you are writing may be the catalyst to help you start crafting your words once again. Another is to read others works before starting again on your own. This benefits not only your writing, but expands your perspective on different topics that others are speaking on. Another way to combat writers block is to set goals throughout the week, no matter how big or small. This can include 3 small goals, such as writing a new paragraph, finding a new source, or editing a piece of your paper. Some larger goals would include the likes of finishing a draft, editing the paper, or completing the assignment. Sometimes, the solution to ending writers block is to receive feedback from a peer on the work you have completed, as it can inspire different what to write next.

One thing to keep in mind is that writing can be difficult, and any progress that is made should be celebrated! Sharing your progress with friends and classmates by sending a photo of your work or meeting a milestone for your project can help tackle writers block. Celebrating your achievements can also be done on a personal level, such giving yourself a mental break by watching a show or ordering out your favorite food. Letting yourself have a breaks in between your work and giving yourself ample time to work on a project are great ways to avoid and remove writers block.

Although inescapable, writers block can be managed and combatted through these useful tips. Thank you for reading this article, and make sure to check out our other fantastic writers  under the MU writers tab in the upper right corner.