National Day on Writing 2017

On October 20th students and educators across the nation celebrate writing. This year the English Department, the McNairy Library, the Writing Center, and the George Street Press invite you to Come Play with Writing!

Games and Writing 10am-2pm, McNairy Library

Gameplay is not only fun, players use various approaches to reading and writing, strategies that draw on reading and writing practices to win. To engage with these ideas, we’ll be playing games from 10am until 2pm in the McNairy Library. Stop by anytime to play and write!

Rock your Writing 2pm-4pm, The Writing Center in McNairy Library

Professional writers have strategies for quickly moving through writer’s block to productive writing. To help writers and students develop strong strategies for writing, we’ll be playing and crafting writing from 2pm until 4pm in The Writing Center. Stop by anytime to write blackout poetry, to craft multi-media stories, and to work through story ideas!

Readings 4pm-6pm, The Writing Center in McNairy Library

Writers share their work to revise, improve, converse. To demonstrate these ideas we’ll host an open reading. Join us as we share our work!