Day 44

Our plants are starting to look like trees. They are doing very well and using up a lot of solution. We had to mix and add more nutrient solution. Hopefully we will start to see cherry tomatoes soon. 

Day 35

The drip problem isn’t 100% fixed but is better than when we started. The plants have really started to take off. We tested the ph and there was no change and added solution.



Day 28

Still can’t keep the drip going. Our idea of elevating the tubing doesn’t seem to help. To try and fix the problem we cut all the drip tubings shorter and they now fall into the cup closest to them, previously they would drip into the cup across from them. We also removed the black drip nozzle from the two plant furthest from the pump as they are the hardest to get to drip.

Day 23

In an attempt to fix our problem of the non-continuouse drip we decided to elevate the tubing system. We are hoping that since the pump now only has to push the main flow of water (compared to six tubes) against gravity there will be enough pressure to keep the drip going.

Day 16

The newly planted seeds have begun to grow. We tested he Ph of the nutrient solution and it is  6.8. We are having problems keeping the drip going. In class we can get the system to work and have all hoses drip, but when we return 2 days later some tubes are not dripping.