Day 7

4 plants have began to grow. 1 plant in perlite and 1 plant in rockwool have failed to grow. We placed new cherry tomato seeds in each failed cup.

8 thoughts on “Day 7”

  1. How does your system work? and why do you suppose the seeds in the rockwool and perlite failed to grow?

  2. Your system looks much different from others. Not very many did the drip system. It looks like it is working so far except for those two that didn’t want to grow. Have you had any problems with algae or pH level in your system?

  3. Guys, I think you need to turn up your water flow to your cups. They seem to be water/nutrient deprived. My setup is slightly different, but I have a large amount of flow going to mine and they seem to be pretty healthy at this point.

  4. Were the 2 that died the ones on the end? If you have not troubleshooted what went wrong, could it possibly be that there is not enough pressure at the end to produce a drip? Maybe you could think of a way to produce more water pressure. Good luck!

  5. Your system looks really cool. Have you been having problems with the water being pumped to all the plants because there is a lot of tubes that you are using in your system? What have you done to fix the two that are not growing?

  6. Very complex tubing system hopefully it will continue to function properly. i hope it is successful.

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