Day 2

Day two was spent readying the seeds for germination and constructing the DWC system.  We chose radish seeds because of their quick germination period (4 to 7 days) and their quick harvesting period (28 days).  Using the nutrient mixes supplied, we created our nutrient rich water that will provide our radishes with the food they need to grow.  Using three Rockwool blocks as our growing medium, we stuck two radish seeds in each of our blocks.  We then soaked the Rockwool with the nutrient rich water that we had prepared.  The next step was to construct a “greenhouse like” container for the seeds to germinate in.  The greenhouse is made of a simple disposable cake pan with lid, this helps to keep the temperature high and moisture in.  After the greenhouse was complete we constructed our DWC.  We used a cheap plastic container purchased from Walmart as our “pond” and a Styrofoam block with three holes in for our lid. We cut three large holes in the Styrofoam and placed three Dixie cups with the bottoms removed in the holes.  One more small hole was cut in the Styrofoam for our air pump tube.  We spray painted everything but the lid black in order to prevent the growth of algae which is detrimental to our plants.

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