Update to Pheasant Movements

Millersville Wildlife Ecology students are still following 2 birds remaining in the field.  Below is an update of their locations in and around the Millersville Campus.  Also, below is a picture of the 2 birds together in a cornfield.

IMG_1348 MillersvillePheasantMapOctober

Millersville Pheasant Release

Ring-necked pheasant have been radio-collared and released on the Millersville campus.  The Wildlife Ecology & Management Class  is  currently tracking the birds in the field and getting their locations.   Stay tuned for updates and maps on the pheasant movements.


New Collaborative Project between Millersville and William & Mary

The Millersville Endangered Species Team is currently working on a paper outlining the results of their first analysis on threats to endangered species in partnership with  students from the College of William and Mary.  Both teams have now begun a new effort to take a more in-depth analysis at listing documents and identifying a broader array of threats that impact species.  In addition, this analysis will be looking at threats to different species taxa.  Both teams met at the William and Mary Campus in Washington D.C. on September 7th and went over the new protocol.  We are looking forward to another great collaborative project with Dr. Matthias Leu and the students from William and Mary.

Partnership with Millersville University and the College of William & Mary Working Together on Endangered Species Policy Analysis
Partnership with Millersville University and the College of William & Mary Working Together on Endangered Species Policy Analysis


Millersville Alumnus Meta Griffin

In 2014, Meta Griffin graduated with Honors from Millersville University with a Degree in Environmental Biology and a Minor in Chemistry.  After Millersville, Meta took an internship position at the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge in Indiana.  A year later she was accepted into graduate school at Frostburg State University in Maryland where she got her Masters Degree in Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology.  Her thesis was on evaluating early-successional habit for breeding bird communities at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey.  While at Graduate School, Meta was given the Outstanding Student in Wildlife Award from the Maryland and Delaware Chapter of the Wildlife Society.  Meta is now a Grassland Conservation Associate with the American Bird Conservancy in Oklahoma where she promotes habitat management efforts on private lands to benefit wildlife conservation.  We wish Meta all the best in her future efforts and look forward to her continuing to do great things.


Fish Trawling at Chincoteague Bay

On Wednesday and Thursday of July 13th and 14th 2017, the Millersville University Conservation Biology Class, out of the Chincoteague Bay Field Station, trawled for fish.  The purpose of the trawl was to document species richness, diversity and community similarity between different marine habitat types found with Chincoteague Bay.  Click the link below to view some of the highlight species of the trawl.  Pictures were taken by Kavin Faccenda and Kelsey Ulrich.  All species caught were released back to the bay.  Great Job Everyone!


Remote Camera Trapping for Nature Conservancy

During the early part of July 2017, through the Chincoteague Bay Field Station, Millersville Conservation Biology students conducted a remote camera survey on the Nature Conservancy Brownville Preserve in Nassawadox, Virginia.  Students set up cameras along wildlife trails and roads and documented the movements of a number of white-tailed deer, red fox, northern raccoon, Virginia opossum, gray squirrel and wild turkey.  Below is a link to a compilation of video footage taken during the survey.


Birds & Herps

First week down at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station.  My Conservation Biology class and I have been seeing a lot of wildlife, especially birds and herps or herptiles (i.e., reptiles and amphibians).  We have seen gray and green tree frogs, eastern narrow-mouthed and Fowler’s toads, an eastern hog-nosed snake, Forester’s and royal terns, black skimmers and red-headed woodpeckers.  Check out the great pictures taken by Kevin Faccenda of some of these animals.  Looking forward to next week.


Conservation Happenings at Millersville University

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