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Director of the Applied Conservation Lab:

School Bat Program

On Tuesday October 15th, Dr. Haines visited the third grade classes of Eshlemen Elementary school to talk about bats, how they are unique and how we can study them.  Dr. Kim Garvey organized the program, and the kids were bright, curious and focused.


Wildlife & Trapping

The Millersville Wildlife Ecology & Management Class met with the Pennsylvania Trappers Association during lab to go over the the ethics and techniques of fur-trapping and live trapping for research and management.  This was a very hands on lab where the students got to handle furs and set live traps under the guidance of experts.


Millersville University Applied Conservation Lab in The National News

The articles below mention the endangered species research completed by the Millersville University Applied Conservation Lab.  Coverage of this research has gone national.,-study-finds.php


African Wildlife

I had the great pleasure of taking a faculty training trip to Kenya with Millersville University Global Studies.  Below is a link to a video showing the wildlife highlights. The goal of this trip was to prepare faculty members to become global citizens, bring international experiences to the classroom and prepare faculty to lead international expeditions.  I learned a lot and will definitely be expanding on my experiences with students.

Wild Africa & Millersville University


The Millersville Animal Museum collection database is now online. The goal of the Millersville Animal Museum Database is to provide a catalog of all vertebrate (i.e., bird, mammal, reptile and amphibian) specimens found within the Millersville Animal Museum collection.  I want to acknowledge the following undergraduate students for making this webpage possible: Gabrielle Berry, Austin Harrison and especially Rochelle Jones and Kyle Thomas for developing the code for this webpage.  I also want to thank William Gausmann from the Millersville IT department for making this site live.  The database is still a work in progress, thus some miss-spellings are found.  We are currently working on this.  Please click on the link below to search through the Millersville Animal Museum Database.