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Director of the Applied Conservation Lab:

Millersville Deer Spotlight Survey for Lancaster Central Park

Millersville University Mammalogy Students have been working with Lancaster Central Park to survey their deer population.   Millersville students go out at night with park law enforcement officers and follow survey transects to spotlight for deer.  Once a deer is spotted, students record the distance to the deer from the transect using laser range finders.  Once surveys are completed, students will use this data to calculate a  population density estimate.  The park will then be able to use these numbers to determine what management strategies are needed to either conserve or control the deer herd.


Millersville University Goes to Washington

Millersville University Biology students Lauren Bleyer and Emily Ritter (bottom below) joined Dr. Haines in visiting with Defenders of Wildlife and the College of William in Mary in Washington D.C. to discuss research and environmental policy.  Lauren and Emily have been collecting data on the impacts of invasive species towards threatened and endangered species in the United States.  They presented their project details to Defenders of Wildlife with students from the College of William and Mary, whom have been working in Dr. Matthias Leu’s Ecology Lab.  Other data presented included patterns on species recovery and quantifying fine scale threats to threatened and endangered species.  This was a very productive meeting that outlined the important research being conducted at the two universities to benefit species conservation.