Compliment project

I decided to choose this blog because I believe I have so much to learn about classroom managment. As a senior I have begun to develop many ideas for my upcoming classroom. I believe to maintain your classroom students need to respect each other as well as themselves. The compliment project has started to come about in many schools and  has changed to “spread the love.” A student sits in the hot seat turned away from the board. As the student in the hot seat faces the other way their classmates write compliments on the board. The compliments are supposed to be thoughtful and meaningful to that person. This project has helped devloped many classrooms and relationships within the classroom. Looking at the triangle the main message the author is trying to help us see is that the compliment project truly has helped students develop positive relationships between their teachers and students. Some research questions that this blog has helped me think about is how relationships help students develop academically and socially.