April 20th Visiting Speaker: Dr. Scarlett Bellamy

April 20th Visiting Speaker: Dr. Scarlett Bellamy

On April 20th, Dr. Scarlett Bellamy will be visiting to speak to students regarding her research and on surviving an Ivy League graduate program.

This event is hosted by ADSE SUPER: Alliance for Diversity in Science and Engineering STEM Undergrads Preparing for Excellent in Research. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend.

April 20th schedule:
10 AM. – 11 AM EST – Dr. Bellamy speaks about her research in epidemiology
12 PM – 1:30 PM EST – Dr. Bellamy is available for lunch conversation with faculty and students
2 PM – 3 PM EST – Dr. Bellamy speaks about her experiences at Harvard

All talks will be delivered via Zoom. Zoom link to be emailed upon registration for the event (see More Information to register).


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