Day 33: November 16

We really wish that we would have planted radishes from the start. The plant would probably huge!! But none-the-less we are happy that we have even have growth. The pH doesn’t seem to change once its set. We didn’t add any more nutrient solution this time because we didn’t have time but there was enough in there. We will probably add some more before we leave for Thanksgiving break.

Check it out yo!

Day 7: October 21

Today we found more growth in the basil plant. However, there was still no sign of germination in the baby mesclun lettuce. We spread the holes in the rock wool a little bit to give more room for the basil plant to grow. We dug around a little bit to see if we could find the baby mesclun seed at least. We found it but it was up higher in the rock wool and just stuck to the side of the wall. We pushed it down to the bottom and hopefully it will get more nutrients. We are thinking about reseeding the baby mesclun, but we’ll let it go for now.

This is a picture of the Basil and the growth that is continuing.

Day 5: October 19

There’s growth in basil! The baby mesclun lettuce still has yet to sprout, but this was expected due to its expected germination of five to fourteen days. There was also some sort of fungus on the side of the rock wool that our mesclun lettuce was in. Thought fungus occurred because the water level in the cup was too high and the light was creating fungus. So we raised the foam the cups sit in a bit higher. We also lowered our pH from about 8 back down to 6.5ish.

This is a picture of the fungus we found on the side of the rock wool in the mesclun lettuce.

This is a picture of the little sprout we got in the Basil plant!