Serious Growth over Break

The first day back from Thanksgiving break, Monday 11/28, we noticed a lot of growth took place.  There are some roots coming out of the bottom of the cup that now reach the reservoir tank giving our plant more solution.  The pH level was a little high, around 7-8 so we used some pH down to get it around 6-6.5.  This is the first time we have had to adjust the pH in a while though.  We didn’t get a chance to get a picture or measure the growth because of the ping pong prosthetic challenge.  We will however have that information in the next update.

Back on The Right Track

On Wednesday 11/06 our pH level seemed to be getting a little high so we added some pH down to get it to our “Comfort zone” of around 6.0-6.5.  We did not have class today, Monday 11/14, but I stopped by open lab to make sure everything was running OK.  I tested the pH level which was still around 6.5 so I did not change anything.  There has been definite growth which can be seen in the two pictures below.  All and all things seem to be back on the right track and running smoothly.

Another Bump or Two

During open lab on Wednesday 11/02 team Brawndo checked the pH level once again and needed to add a little pH down to the solution in the system.  The lamp above our plant was lowered during class.  The picture below shows the plant outside of the cup.  You can see the roots coming through the bottom of our sponge. 

 Our plant seemed to be growing well so we did switch our watering system to a ring, leaving more room for the plant to grow in the middle.  The ring can be seen in the picture below to the left. It is made of tubing with holes made by an X-acto knife to drip around the sides of the plant and a valve dripping in the middle. We used duct tape on the sides of the cup to make sure the ring does not pop out of the cup. 

Phil stopped by the lab on Friday to check on everything and found some upsetting news.  Part of our plant had died somehow.  He changed out the nutrient solution, pouring in completely new mix from our extra supply.  Figuring that it was not receiving enough water with the ring, he also put the regular dripping valve back on.  He also added a watering cycle to the timer, causing our system to be watered four times a day now instead of only three. The timer will go off every six hours now.

First Bump in the Road

Team Brawndo headed into the lab on Friday 10/28 to mix up new nutrient solution.  We found that our pH level was very low in both our system and extra jug.  We mixed up new solution with the right pH level and hope this will help our plant grow a little faster. 

We checked our plant on Monday 10/31 and noticed more growth mostly within the growing medium.  The roots are coming through the bottom of the sponge which is good.  We tested the pH level and it seemed to be ok for now as it is at about 6.5.  We also discussed when we want to switch the valve to a ring.  We decided to wait a little until the plant has grown more to switch to the ring.  The ring will allow more space for our plant to grow and will cover more area with water.

Day Five and Open Lab

The class went on a trip to Tellus 360 on Monday, October 17th so we did not have class time to work on the project. We did, however, choose to utilize the open lab time that day. Tyler had already painted the bucket so we attached the Brawndo logo with contact paper. We mixed the nutrient solution and planted our seeds.  We decided to plant the seeds in a sponge like medium. The system was put together and placed in the container, under the lamp, in the lab.  The system is plugged into a timer which is set for three times a day.  The system will turn on for half an hour every eight hours. The system set in place in the lab can be seen in the picture below.

Open Lab and Day Four

Phil and Emily attended open lab on Wednesday, October 5th to find a way to secure the drip system.  Tyler could not make open lab due to classes.  We discovered that strings could be used to keep the drip system up right and centered.  The working system can be seen in the picture below.

We did not have class Monday, October 10th due to fall break.

Wednesday, October 12th we discussed what still needed to be done and worked on odds and ends.  The system is completely built so we did not need to go into the lab at all.  We planned on spray painting the bucket black but the rain stopped us so Tyler will be doing it at home.  The system was put together to reference in updating the bill of materials and taking measurements for the computer drawing.  We looked at a timer to use but discovered we will need a different one with a 3 prong outlet.

Days two and three.

On Monday, October 3rd, Bawndo Hydroponics looked over some of the materials acquired by Phil. The hole to hold the net cup was drilled in the lid of the bucket, and the stand for the system was completed.


On Wednesday, October 5th the drip system and water pump were tested and the hoses and appliances were fitted, the finishing touches on the stand were completed, and the preliminary bill of materials was submitted to the instructor of the course.

Pictured left: testing the water pump.




Pictured right: testing the drip ring and fitted hose and appliances.