Pause and Reflect


My time as a blogger has come to an end…

As I look back on the beginning of this experience, I remember feeling intimidated and unsure. I had never blogged before and I knew nothing about it. Sure, I’ve read a few posts from other bloggers, but I knew nothing about the craft behind it.

However, once I began, it wasn’t so scary. Once I chose a topic and began writing, I found myself finishing a post so quickly and being fairly pleased with my work. I felt comfortable writing about topics I felt passionate or knowledgeable about. I also felt better knowing that my peers were in this with me. This was new territory for most of us.

Maybe I wasn’t great at it. Maybe I wasn’t the most intriguing writer and maybe my audience wasn’t super engaged, but it was fun for me. I stuck with written blogs because I felt safe doing it. I knew I could edit and reread as many times as I wanted. It was fun to create different layouts and use all different types of media. It was even more fun to interview with a potential co-operating teacher and hear that she had read my posts, and liked them!

I probably won’t continue blogging; it is not for everyone. However, I am thankful that I got the opportunity to give it a go. I tried something new and gave it my best shot.