Going Off-Road with SME

The SME group has been planning to join the Baja SAE competition for a while now, but now it is official. The team is registered to compete for our first year in Mechanicsville, MD in April. Since we started this year without even space to work in, the fact that we have a garage, a trailer, a slew of new equipment, growing sponsorship and the frame is starting¬† to take shape, I think that is good progress. The primary driver of this progress has been Sam Brennan, president of the student group, and the many students involved have helped push this forward in a short time. We recently met with the local SME chapter in our department, and they have provided a generous donation to help us keep momentum. Sam and Lew Baum are pictured below, as is some recent progress on the frame (we just got tubing this week!). For more information or to get involved (as a student, sponsor, mentor, etc.), see the SME group’s Get Involved page.

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