Best of 2018

A review article on solid state metallic foams published last year has been selected for the Best of Advanced Engineering Materials 2018 virtual issue, “that presents the Editors’ selection of some of the most outstanding articles of the past year.” The article was also selected for the front cover of its issue, as noted in a past post. It has been exciting to be a part of this growing field!

The keyword cloud below shows some of the most common topics addressed in the journal.

Image Source:

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NSF Current and Pending Support Template

Since NSF changed from Fastlane to, the submission systems flags errors of format, margins, text type and size, etc. The old current and pending support form does not pass muster, and it seems no one else has an updated version, at least that I’ve seen. I decided to make one, and it uploads with no errors (as of today, 1/22/2019). I hope this can save someone out the time it takes to reformat it.

I make no guarantee this is completely correct, but it follows the now archived NSF Form 1239 and current GPG section identified on the document.

Good Luck!

Word 2016 document: Current and Pending Support (Revised Template)

PDF version showing final appearance: Current and Pending Support (Revised Template)

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Hot IN the Press

The last post was about my textbook coming hot off the press, but this is about making it hot in the press. We had previously converted a Carver AutoPellet hydraulic press to operate under an inert atmosphere at elevated temperature using a separate hot chamber. We have updated the setup to be much more streamlined and integrated with the stock structure. Special thanks to Jeff Heger, as he led the second conversion to clean it up.

It has been faithfully serving with no issues. The only downside is that it takes a while to cool down. That is the double-edged sword of good insulation.





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Hot Off the Press

After 5 years of on-and-off work, I finally have a physical copy of my textbook, Materials and Manufacturing: An Introduction to How They Work and Why It Matters. The writing is conversational in tone to make it easier to read, and I produced more than 90% of the 530 figures to directly complement the text. It is particularly useful for programs incorporating laboratory activities, and the content balances depth and basic principles so that someone without a background can understand the general concepts and appreciate the more complex topics. It was a huge undertaking, and I hope that the effort pays off by making these topics easier to understand and more exciting overall. 

The Amazon page is here. The official launch date is not until September 14th.

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Special Issue on Nanostructured Alloys

I am acting as guest editor for a Special Issue in the journal Metals entitled, “Frontiers in Nanostructured Metals and Alloys.” The goal is to collect work that is unusual and rarely reported in the nanostructured alloys community. This is a great opportunity to report on findings that don’t fit neatly into the popular areas of mechanics, processing or microstructural study, such as thermal stability. I look forward to seeing what unique work is going on and hope you can contribute!

The Special Issue website is:

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Alumni Award

I was recently honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award from Penn College, where I completed by Bachelor’s degree. I am grateful to the faculty who provided opportunity and support during my time there, and who still do! The press release is here.

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Cover to cover

The metal foam work we are doing has been really exciting to study, and it makes for some pretty cool artwork. Our work is featured on the cover of Advanced Engineering Materials for a second time. Last time it was the back cover. This time it’s the front cover. The article featured in the most recent issue is a review of solid state foaming. Our most recent article, involving nickel and nickel-copper alloys, is featured in Advanced Science News.


===+Front Cover (Vol. 20, Iss. 7)               =++   Back Cover (Vol. 16, Iss. 2)

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Across the Finish Line

Things came together quickly at the end for the Baja SAE competition. As a first-year team, we are very happy with the results. Many other teams, and even judges, were surprised at the quality of our design and our performance. I am proud of our students for not only getting this off the ground, but doing it well. Our placement in the various events are below. We placed 37th out of 94 teams, and we didn’t even know what to expect for most of these events!

T-45th on Sales Presentation
48th on Cost Analysis
T-68th on Design Report
56th on Acceleration
66th on Hill Climb
54th on Maneuverability
19th on Suspension Course
31st in 4 Hour Endurance

37th Overall out of 94 schools!

 Millersville Baja 2

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Coming Together

The SME student group has been busy turning a pile of tubing and parts in a Baja SAE vehicle, and it is really starting to take shape. As a first-year team, every step is a milestone, but some are easier to see. The whole team has been instrumental to getting us to this point, and thanks to some serious progress by group president, Sam Brennan, and vice president, Sawyer Bisker, who spent their Spring “Break” in the shop, the buggy can now stand on its own. It is going to require a continued commitment to get this ready for competition in April.

You can keep up with the team at their Facebook page or join us at our Get Involved page.

MU baja

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