Friends Folio Issues

Spring 2013, No. 66

  •  The Spring 2013 issue features an interview with Foreign Languages Professor, Leroy Hopkins with Joyce Anderson of the English Department, entitled “The Power of Primary Sources,” digitization at Millersville and a library renovation update.

Fall 2012 No. 65

  •  The Fall 2012 issue features the Technical Services division of the library and the work they have been doing re-classing the Dewey collection; an article by Robyn Scheick, a student in Archives & Special Collections, on the new Pulp Fiction collection in Special Collections; our new librarian, Rachel Gammons and a library renovation update.

Spring 2012, No. 64

  • The Spring 2012 issue features the Library at Gerhart, Rose Chiango’s article on digitization of the Richard Gehman collection, student research projects, the Spring Lecture with Michael Lavigne, the National Book Festival bus trip, new additions, library renovation update, and the new exhibits feature on our website.

Fall 2011 no. 63

  • This issue features Jacob Gehman’s article on the National Book Festival in Washington, DC, in addition to news about the library renovation and recent additions to the collections.

Spring 2011 no. 62

  • Featured article: Building a Library by Accident by Bruce Kellner.

Fall 2010 no. 61

  • Featured article: Student Life at Millersville, 1855-1955 by Spencer Shambaugh and Mary Shuman.

Spring 2010 no. 60

  • Featured article: Christophorus a Vega, Commentaria in librum Aphorismorum Hippocratis Venetiis 1571, apus Gratiosum Perchacinum by Celica Milovanovic-Barham.

Fall 2009 no. 59

  • Featured article: Games and Gamers in the Library by Greg Szczyrbak.

Spring 2009 no. 58

  • Featured article: The Changing Library: Millersville Students Using Library Resources to Create new Knowledge by Erin Dorney.

Fall 2008 no. 57

  • Featured article: All Kinds Blintzes Press: “Gifts that nobody would expect” from two Retired Academics who Don’t Play Golf by Hannah Charlton & Khanh Vo.

Spring 2008 no. 56

  • Featured article: The University Library Looks to the Future by Marilyn McKinley Parrish.

Fall 2007 no. 55

  • Featured article: Celebrating 150 Years of Libraries at Millersville by Janet Dotterer.

Spring 2007 no. 54

  • Featured articles: Millersville Meets the Women’s Medical College by Hannah Charlton and The Dean is at it Again: the Metamorphosis of Dutcher Hall by Brigette Kamsler.

Fall 2006 no. 53

  • Featured articles: The Margaret C. Woodbridge Collection of Books “By a Woman Writt” by Bruce Kellner and The Model School: a Training School Memory by Kitty Glass.

Spring 2006 no. 52

  • Featured articles: Maggie Cameron: The Forgotten Daughter of Simon Cameron by Laura Kuchmay and The Tunnels by Kaelyn E. Considine.

Fall 2005 no. 51

  • Featured articles: The Library at Millersville by Marilyn M. Parrish and International Students at Millersville State Normal School, 1856-1920 by Janet L. Dotterer.

Spring 2005 no. 50

  • Featured articles: The Wickersham Pedagogical Collection: Legacy of a Founding Educator by Meaghan Shirk and A Singing Needles Memory by Kitty Glass.

Fall 2004 no. 49

  • Featured articles: Margaret Woodbridge Honored and Memories of Old Main by Leo Shelley.

Spring 2004 no. 48 

  • Featured articles: Dr. Dennis Downey Reflects on the University’s History and A Brief History of Tanger House by Barbara B. Hunsberger.

Fall 2003 no. 47

  • Feature article: 140 Years ago the Enemy Advanced and the Normal Boys Took Arms; the School Closed by James A. Jolly.

Winter 2002/03 no. 46

  • Feature article: Celebrating 35 Years of Ganser Library by Barbara Hunsburger.
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