Each year Archives & Special Collections offers awards for research and writing by students in History 105 and English 110.  Awards are given for research using primary sources, completed during the previous calendar year. The goal of these awards is to reward students who are early in their careers at Millersville and to encourage them to continue excellent work in research and writing.

The awards are named for the late Dr. Robert Sayre (History) and the late Prof. Sally Woodward-Miller (English). Bob and Sally each regularly brought their classes to Archives & Special Collections for research. The awards were established in collaboration with the History and English departments to reward students early in their careers at Millersville. There have been 20 winners of the Robert Sayre awards since 2009 and 30 winners of the Sally Woodward-Miller awards since 2004 (Award winners 2004-2016).


Winners of the 2016 Sally Woodward-Miller Awards:

First place: Autumn Lewis, Mr. Leon’s Life Journey

Tied for second place: Daniel J. Lewis, The Wonder Years of Mr. and Mrs. Pratt  &  Ram Uprety, Bhutan’s Lifestyle

These students were in Dr. Caleb Corkery’s ENGL 110 class, fall 2015.


Winners of the 2016 Robert Sayre Awards:

First place: Matthew Latschar, Millersville Intercollegiate Athletics from 1989-1991

Tied for second place: Hunter Mengel, The Budgetary Crisis of 1977-1979 & Matt Poirier, Millersville Vice: Guns, Drugs, and Forks

These students were in Dr. Erin Shelor’s HIST 105 class, spring 2015.


We are grateful to our reviewers: Joyce Anderson, Clarence Maxwell, Bonnie Popdan, Laura Salvucci, Michele Santamaria, and  Andy Welaish.

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