***** Electrical Load Reduction Announcement *****

Facilities Management Department

**** ALERT ***** Electrical Load Reduction Announcement ***** ALERT *****



Constellation Energy, our electrical grid operator, has mandated a reduction of our electrical consumption.  This initiative avoids brown-outs and black-outs throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland (PJM) electrical grid.  

Electrical Load Reduction Timeframe:

Beginning date:   September 11, 2013   3:00 p.m. 

Ending date:        September 11, 2013   9:00 p.m. 

Campus Impact:

Cooling set points throughout campus will be centrally increased during this period.  Interior building temperatures will increase during this period. 

To mitigate the increase in building temperature, the entire campus community can reduce “Plug Load”.  As more electrical/electronic equipment that is turned off/unplugged our consumption is reduced.  If this reduction meets our goals, we will not have to implement additional tiers of load shedding.  In other words, we will have more power for cooling and humidity control in the campus buildings. Everyone’s efforts are required to control interior building conditions. 

You can assist in meeting our goal by reducing plug load such as:

–      Turn off all unnecessary appliances (coffee pots, radios, TV’s fans, etc.)

–      If you are not using the computer, shut off the screens and computer.

–      Raise the temperature in your spaces by adjusting the thermostat (if so equipped).

–      Turn off additional lights or otherwise reduce lighting in your work/living areas.

–      If your space is air conditioned, make sure to close all doors and windows.


In a sustainable initiative, we have entered into an agreement with Constellation Energy, our electrical grid operator, to reduce electrical consumption during high use period.  This initiative avoids brown-outs and black-outs throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland (PJM) electrical grid.  Additional, the University reduces its carbon footprint by using less energy. 

As part of this agreement, an annual test of our capability to reduce consumption by 750 kw is required.  

Our approach is to manipulate the major mechanical systems and shift loads to our emergency generators. Detailed tiered control sequences have been implemented taking into account sensitive areas and building occupants comfort. 

We need assistance from all students, faculty and staff to help the University meets its sustainable goal.

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