Campus Safety – Important Information

To the Campus Community:

The safety of our students on campus is of paramount importance. Our police department, faculty and staff take this commitment very seriously. We believe that Millersville University has a very safe, secure campus.

The University is investigating the report of an assault on the Millersville University campus last weekend. A male student was charged with indecent assault by the police on Monday. The University is moving quickly to finalize its internal investigation, but must do so with regard to the rights of the individuals involved in the incident. Due to privacy issues the University is not able to provide any additional information regarding the facts of this case.

We want to assure the campus that there is no evidence of any ongoing risk related to this incident on the campus. Please look out for one another and call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

The University has a Social Equity & Diversity Policy – Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination. You can view the complete policy at:

Anyone with additional questions or concerns should contact the Office of Student Affairs at 717-872-3594.

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