MU Alert: Sign Up or Update Today!

“With the change of Millersville University student emails addresses, from the old ‘’ to the new ‘’ email accounts, it is very important that all students currently enrolled in MU Alert, the campus cell phone text messaging and email alert system, go to the MU Alert website and update their account information with their new email address,” said Pat Weidinger, Millersville’s director of safety & environmental health.

If there is a fire in your residence hall or a lockdown on campus; if severe weather strikes, leaving Millersville’s campus covered in snow or if there is a flood and parts of the campus are closed, University officials will notify the campus and surrounding community using MU Alert.

To sign up for MU Alert, or to update your information, simply go to

When receiving MU Alerts, read the messages promptly, follow the instructions and wait for additional instructions that may follow. More detailed emergency information and updates will also be posted on Millersville’s homepage,

“Millersville University has developed a systematic approach to emergency communication that uses multiple methods of communication including MU Alert, outdoor siren and public address alerts; and website alerts and updates,” said Weidinger.

“In an emergency, timely and accurate communication of information to those who need it, is critical,” said Weidinger. “We encourage students, faculty and staff to sign up for MU Alert.”

When receiving MU Alerts, it is also encouraged that you spread the word – to fellow students, professors or campus visitors – to ensure everyone gets the message.

To learn more about emergency preparedness and emergency communication, visit Millersville University Police Department and Health & Safety websites at

For more information on MU Alert, contact Weidinger at or 717-872-3715.

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