Student Senate Freshman Elections – 9/29/11


Fall 2011: Freshman Representative Elections

All students will receive and have access to an electronic ballot Thursday September 29, 2011 from 11:00am – 6:00pm

If you are a freshmen who would like to join Student Senate, but missed the application deadline, do not worry, it is never too late to join! Come to a meeting and receive more information or email Senate at!

Meet Freshmen Representative candidates below (listed alphabetically). First year students will have an opportunity to select (5) of these students to represent the Freshmen Class during Student Senate meetings on Thursdays at 6:30 in SMC 118E.

  • Jordyn Gray: Hey Marauders! My name is Jordyn Gray and I’m running to be one of your Freshman Representatives in Student Senate. I’m very involved at Millersville in everything from Senate to Soccer. I am responsible and dedicated, and have a strong drive to make things happen. I want to be a voice for the student body by becoming a familiar face on campus. I’m easy to talk to and happy to listen to any opinions you have! Vote for me, I promise that I’ll do something.
  • Taylor Hornberger: Hello, my name’s Taylor Hornberger and here’s a million and one reasons you should vote for me to represent our (totally awesome) freshman class of 2015 …I was just told I’m not actually allowed to write a million and one reasons, so we’re going to scratch that idea. Here’s some brief, quick information: I graduated from Ephrata High School, I’m an accounting major, and you wouldn’t believe it if you live in Gaige, but I’m actually a commuter. In my free time I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and movie nights in the Gaige rec room. As I hope this little personal blurb has told you, I like making normally boring things fun with my enthusiastic attitude; make the monotonous things in life more fun and soon it can’t even be considered work. Mix this attitude with my other favorable traits like my openness to meet new people, ability to stick with something until it’s done, and the enjoyment I get out of helping people (my classmates in particular, you guys rock) and you have yourself all the reasons and more for why you should vote for me. If you have any questions, feel free to look me up on Facebook and ask away!
  • Brittany Kiernan: I’m Brittany Kiernan! I’m from Tampa, Florida. I was involved in various clubs and honor societies and played Varsity Soccer at Newsome High School. I really want to make the next four years the best ever. I think that I can really make a difference by representing the class of 2015. I want to use not only my ideas but all of yours to really make Millersville an even better place to attend. And I write for Student Senate, so make sure you check me out in The Snapper ☺
  • Alex Krammer: Hi my name is Alex Kramer and I am a secondary education Earth Science major. I hope to join student senate to improve my leadership skills and benefit the student body by getting involved and impacting others. I want to influence others to engage in activities and become passionate about Millersville University by bringing people together. It is my desire as a member of the Student Senate to help create interest and involvement in the student body.
  • Ramón Martí: My name is Ramón Martí and I would like to be your next Student Senator. I would like to be a Senator in order to make sure that students are getting everything they deserve and much more. During the last few years I have been involved in a number of organizations such as Student Council (President), and Future Business Leaders of America (Regional President). I also had the honor of representing the student body as Student Representative to the Southern Tioga School District Board of Education. All of my involvement has given me lots of experience with leadership, teamwork, and challenging myself. Please, be sure to vote for a senator who will have your best interest in mind. Ramón Martí for Student Senate.
  • Kailynn Ott: Hi, my name is Kailynn Ott and I’m running to be one of five freshman representatives in Student Senate here at Millersville. I’m 18 years old and graduate from Red Land High School where I was part of various activities such as Track and Field, Key Club, and the National Honor Society. If elected as one of the five representatives, I will make sure your ideas and concerns about Millersville are heard! I’m very responsible, organized, and have a great work ethic so you’ll never have to worry about me not doing my job. Thanks for your time and vote for me!
  • Rolando Rodrigues-Jimenez: Rolando would like to join Student Senate because he would like to contribute to the place he now calls home, at least for the next four years. In high school he was in Key Club, Native Speaker Spanish Club, and the Junior Class Vice President in Student Council. With his great motivation and dedication he wants to make sure that events occur successfully during his time in Senate.
  • James Seward III: James Seward would like to join student senate first and foremost because he loves Millersville. In highschool he was president of student council, captain of the debate team, captain of the soccer team, and on yearbook and event planning. He hopes to bring a new outlook and fresh energy to Student Senate. Some of James objectives include making the student body more aware of all clubs and what clubs have to offer.
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