Doing the Whip and Nae Nae into the Blogging World!

Why hello there!

Welcome to my first ever blog post! This is a very exciting time, and I’m ecstatic to share some of my educational experiences with you all on this social media platform. I’m very new to all of this, but I wanted to jump on the blog bandwagon. To start off, I wanted to subscribe to an educational blog that gave me some inspiration and sparked new ideas. The first blog subscription I made was to Cult of Pedagogy. All I had to do was read the titles of some of the posts for it to catch my attention; When A Principle Whips and Nae Naes, Why Teaching is Like Dating, and So You Have A Twitter Account. Now What? As a college student looking for relevant content with some humor, this subscription seemed like the perfect match for me.

When looking at the rhetorical triangle, there are three main parts; the author, message, and audience. I decided to dig deep into When A Principle Whips and Nae Naes from the Cult of Pedagogy. It caught my eye just by the title which is overall the most important part of the rhetorical triangle! When A Principle Whips and Nae Naes is about a principle dancing to the 2016 hit “Watch Me” in front of his students, and I found myself cracking up as I read along. “ ‘Being willing to do something embarrassing or silly accomplishes more than one goal at a time. I believe it provides a level of motivation for kids, and builds a rapport that is hard to form not being in the classroom with students every day.’ ” This post addresses the message point of the triangle because it’s letting educators know, no matter what your position is in the school district, it is okay to be goofy! So many educators take their job too seriously, but goofiness and showing personality is just what students need! This message is inspirational because it helps build the classroom and school community. Lastly, the post addresses audience. It does not have one specific audience, but several including college students, families belonging to a school district, principles, and other educators! “If your school culture could use a boost of positive energy, it may be time to practice the fine art of goofing around.” I hit the subscribe button immediately after reading this article.

As excited as I am to be a part of the new, trendy, “blogging world,” I do have some questions and research areas I hope to explore in this class as I further my education in becoming a teacher. I’m very passionate about including creativity in the classroom, so I’m still searching for appropriate ways to include art, music, movement (maybe some more whip?), and more without taking away from intended curriculum and instruction. I also am eager to learn about more ways to make assessment for students less scary and terrifying while still gathering the information needed from the students. Thank you for going on this blogging journey with me.

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