Up Close and Personal with Motor Drive Tech!

Justin Vipperman (MU alumni) and Peter Fischer of SEW Eurodrive, a global leader in drive technologies, recently visited the Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology (AEST) department at Millersville University to demonstrate their latest products to students.

During the demonstration, Justin and Peter showcased the latest motor drive technologies, which offer improved efficiency, performance, and reliability for precise control of motor speed and torque, allowing for better energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs vs. traditional motor drive systems. SEW’s technologies also features advanced safety features such as built-in safety controls and emergency stop buttons, ensuring maximum safety for operators. Product features, advantages, and potential applications were coved leading to great engagement of AEST students in Q/A after.

The AEST department was thrilled to have SEW visit with our students! Thank you Justin and Peter for helping us provide our them with hands-on experience and exposure to the latest technologies in the field. Your demonstration was a valuable learning opportunity and has provided them examples of the latest advancements in motor drive technology and how it is applied in real-world settings.

– Contributed by Dr. John Haughery

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