Up Close and Personal with Motor Drive Tech!

Justin Vipperman (MU alumni) and Peter Fischer of SEW Eurodrive, a global leader in drive technologies, recently visited the Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology (AEST) department at Millersville University to demonstrate their latest products to students.

During the demonstration, Justin and Peter showcased the latest motor drive technologies, which offer improved efficiency, performance, and reliability for precise control of motor speed and torque, allowing for better energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs vs. traditional motor drive systems. SEW’s technologies also features advanced safety features such as built-in safety controls and emergency stop buttons, ensuring maximum safety for operators. Product features, advantages, and potential applications were coved leading to great engagement of AEST students in Q/A after.

The AEST department was thrilled to have SEW visit with our students! Thank you Justin and Peter for helping us provide our them with hands-on experience and exposure to the latest technologies in the field. Your demonstration was a valuable learning opportunity and has provided them examples of the latest advancements in motor drive technology and how it is applied in real-world settings.

– Contributed by Dr. John Haughery

AEST Students Earn Professional Certification

May ‘23 marked the end of another academic year and the opportunity for AEST students to earn professional certifications as part of their educational experience in the Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology. This year, 61 AEST students sat for three different certification exams administered by the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). Historically, the national pass rates for these exams have been between 55% – 75%. This year, 76% (47 students) of AEST students passed (see Table 1 – 3 for a full listing)!! This is quite an accomplishment and illustrates the profession-ready competencies that Department students take with them into their careers.

As part of Dr. John Haughery’s AENG 427 Programmable Logic Controller course, 23 AEST students sat for the Certified Controls Engineer (CCE) exam with 16 passing (70%). This exam is a 120-question, multiple-choice, open-book exam that focuses on 14 topic areas including Automated Systems, Electrical Safety, Energy Management/Alternative Energy, Networking Fundamentals, Electrical Power, Robotics, Controls (Open Loop/Closed Loop), Fluidics/Fluid Power, Electronics Fundamentals, Programming Fundamentals, and Instrumentation.

Students with passing scores on the ATMAE CCE professional certification exam:
Eric Burns, William Ehlers, Nicholas Elzer, Joseph Favoroso, David Fermani, Aaron Garner, Jackson Harral, Kevin Luckey, Thomas Mahoney, Dennis Nguyen, Elias Peluso, Zachariah Severn, Ian Troop, Aidan Ward, Zane Weaver, and Benjamin Wright.

Professor Cindy English offered her students in AENG 448 Machine Tool Design the chance to sit for the Certified Engineering Graphics (CEG) exam. Of the 23 who took the certification exam, 19 passed (83%). This is significantly higher than the national pass rate of 56%! This exam is also an open-book, multiple-choice, 145-question exam geared for individuals with a background in the expression of industrial design ideas through engineering graphics, including Geometric Construction, Orthographic Views, and Standardized Annotation.

Students with passing scores on the ATMAE CEG professional certification exam:
Luke Blizzard, Michael Burns, Eric Burns, Nathaniel Detweiler, Nik Duke, Nicholas Elzer, Sydney Geist, Jackson Harral, Emma Hirons, Alexis Kellogg, Taso Novak, Maximillian Meland, Harry Prince, Andrew Samsel, John Schweidler, Calder Sellen, Nathaniel Tagert, Owen Thoma, and Seth Worley.

Twenty-three of Dr. John Wright’s AENG 494 Total Quality Management students took the Certified Technology Manager (CTM) exam with 19 passing (83%). This exam is also an open-book, multiple-choice examination with 160-questions that focuses on Leadership/Self-Management, Systems, Processes, Operations, People, Project, Quality, and Risk. AEST students significantly exceeded the national average of 76% for this exam!

Students with passing scores on the ATMAE CTM professional certification exam: 
Jason Bello, Coulson Bittner, Ashly Dodd, Nikolas Duke, Casey Englehart, Sydney Geist, Stephen Hammond, Forrest Hartman, Emily (Blue) Hirons, Dalton Kephart, Kevin Luckey, Michael Martinez, Julia Meassick, Samuel Merilus, Michael Stanley, Regan Stump, Kaylena Travitz, Lauren Walsh, and Charles Livingston.

The CCE, CEG, and CTM are a few of several professional certifications offered by ATMAE, which is also the professional accreditor for the Department’s Applied Engineering & Technology Management Bachelor of Science degree program. Congrats to all the students for passing the CCE, CEG, and CTM exams! We hope to see them register with ATMAE and complete their formal application.

– Contributed by Dr. John Haughery, Dr. John Wright, and Prof. Cindy English

Joseph Kennedy Defends Thesis

Joseph Kennedy, AETM NFMT major, successfully defended his university honors thesis on May 5th, 2023. The title of his research was Replacing Platinum Electrodes with Two-Dimensional TMD’s in Solar Panels. Joey’s thesis focused on the feasibility of replacing platinum counter electrodes with 2D TMDs in experimental solar cell designs. Committee members for the research included Dr. John Wright (Thesis Chair), Dr. John Haughery, and Dr. Tariq Gilani (Physics). Congratulations to Joey for his excellent research work!

-by Dr. John Wright