AEST Students Honored for Their Research & Applied Project Accomplishments

The spring 2023 semester marked the conclusion of Millersville University students’ high-impact educational experiences in student/faculty research. To highlight the significance of these experiences, the College of Science and Technology honored AEST students (along with other students in the College) at the 20th annual Dr. Edward C. Shane Undergraduate Student Research Recognition Ceremony. This honor, given to students who successfully conducted undergraduate research with supervising faculty in the College of Science and Technology, recognizes their efforts at independently collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to answer a novel research question or provide a unique solution to an applied problem.

Receiving this award is a significant accomplishment and a testament to the high-quality education and mentoring provided by the AEST department. The recognition also highlights our department’s commitment to fostering a culture of academic excellence and encouraging students to pursue their passions through research in applied engineering, safety, and technology. Congratulations to all the award recipients for their outstanding achievements!

Joshua Greineder, junior ARET major, proudly displays his award with Dr. Marc Harris, Dean of the College of Science and Technology.
Dr. John Haughery (L) congratulating Elias Peluso, senior RCS major, on his outstanding research work.

AEST Students Receiving College of Science an Technology Research Certificates:

  • Benjamin Ambler: Using multiple industrial LiDAR systems to develop a digital array for advanced object detection (independent study)
  • Nathan Brady:  Explorations in Industrial Hygiene (independent study)
  • Daniel Carpenter: The Integration of Infrared Camera (IR) Sensor Technology with Machine Vision and Microcontrollers for Detection of Fire (thesis)
  • Joshua Greineder: Developing Vision-Based Environmental Awareness (independent study, pictured above)
  • Zachary Jackson: STEM Tools (independent study)
  • Joseph Kennedy: Exploring 2D TMDs for Solar Cell Applications (thesis)
  • Elias Peluso: Design and Development of a Modular Door Acutator (thesis, pictured above)
  • Ian Troop: Distributed Mobile Robotic Control & Dual LiDAR Systems Integration (independent study)
  • Hannah Woelfling: Elementary Bio-Related STEM (independent study)
  • Ermias Wagari: Automated Sensor Calibration and Filtering Algorithm Development (independent study)

– Contributed by Dr. John Haughery


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