NSBE Students Attend National Conference

The Millersville University Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers attended the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Conference held from March 23 to March 27, 2022, at the Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas MO. The Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology (AEST) department was represented by four students: Vaughn Weldon, Sydney Hargrove, Kennedy Clark and Jordan Branch.The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Conference is a yearly event that brings together students, professionals, and educators in engineering and related fields. The NSBE conference provided a platform for attendees to network, learn, and showcase their skills and knowledge. This essay will provide an overview of the NSBE conference in Kansas City and highlight some of the key events and activities that took place. Continue reading “NSBE Students Attend National Conference”

Ok, so we have something to tell you…

Millersville University has been named a STEM School of Excellence by The International Technology & Engineering Education Association! Click on the video link below and Graduate Assistant Hannah Ellenberg will tell you all about it.


Millersville University has been honored by the International Technology & Engineering Education Association as a 2023 STEM School of Excellence!

MU Receives STEM School of Excellence Award

The University will be recognized at ITEEA’s 85th Annual International Conference in April.

Members of TEECA who attended the fall conference. TEECA is a professional organization interested in providing students an opportunity to strengthen their technology, engineering, and educational skills.

Millersville University’s Applied Engineering, Safety and Technology department has received the STEM School of Excellence Award from the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. The University will be recognized at ITEEA’s 85th Annual International Conference in April, where they will receive a banner and certificate to display.

This year, a new category was added to recognize the STEM programs at universities and colleges. MU was one of six universities to be recognized.

To be recognized as a STEM School of Excellence, the University must show a commitment to providing outstanding leadership in the Integrative STEM program. “Throughout the 2021 – 2022 academic year, many of MU’s accomplishments played a key role in the University receiving the award,” says Brusic. Some of the accomplishments include the Intermediate Unit 13 STEM BOWL, where Millersville students designed challenges that were picked to be included in the event, and for their work with the Millersville Technology & Engineering Camp every summer.

Dr. Sharon Brusic, professor and coordinator for Technology & Engineering Education in Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology, explains why the award is so valuable to MU, “The award acknowledges that our entire department demonstrates characteristics of excellence in terms of achieving the criteria for the award. Our students benefit from having an outstanding program that offers a plethora of opportunities to grow in their STEM and technical knowledge. It also offers opportunities for students to engage professionally and to prepare for their careers as teachers, managers, professionals and leaders in a variety of STEM-focused disciplines.”

Learn more about the award here: http://bit.ly/41nlzOU

– Leah Reagan, reposted from Millersville NEWS blog.

ALiEN 2.0 Goes to Harrisburg

The MU Robotics Team and another MU student organization shared their research with Pennsylvania legislators on March 7. The Annual Poster Conference allows undergraduate students at PA colleges and universities to present their research to Pennsylvania’s key decision-makers. Throughout the day, students interacted with members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate while also sharing ideas and experiences with their peers.

(L to R): Ian Troop, Elizabeth Maschke, and Dennis Nguyen.

The “Autonomous LiDAR-Based Environment Navigator (ALiEN) 2.0” research project further explores the new sensors used in self-driving cars. Students from the MU robotics team developed ALiEN 2.0, which resembles the technology of a self-driving car on a smaller scale as it includes distributed control systems that include a LiDAR sensor, five machine vision cameras, a global position system (GPS) module and chassis drive controllers.

Elizabeth Maschke, a sophomore manufacturing engineering technology major, explains the significance of this event and her research. “Attending and presenting is significant as our research can provide advances to the world of automation and robotics. It also signifies the hundreds of hours my team and I have put into developing our research.”

The students who presented for the “Autonomous LiDAR-Based Environment Navigator (ALiEN) 2.0” include:

  • Elizabeth Maschke, sophomore manufacturing engineering technology major from Mount Laurel, NJ
  • Dennis Nguyen, sophomore dual major of Automation and Robotics and Mathematics from Lancaster, PA
  • Ian Troop, Automation and Intelligent Robotics Engineering Technology major from Lancaster, PA

– Leah Reagan, excerpted from Millersville NEWS blog.