Women in Math, Science, and Technology Conference (WMSTC)

On April 5, 2022, the 34th annual Glenna Hazeltine Women in Math, Science, and Technology conference was held for middle and high school female students. The event started with a keynote presentation from Dr. Nicky Fox, a Heliophysics Division Director at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. In the morning, Lisa Bolin, Manager, IH & IEQ Services from High Environmental Health & Safety Consulting, LTD presented What’s That Smell? Solving the Mystery of Airborne Contaminants in Nail Salons. In the afternoon, Nancy Adams, Consultant of Nancy Adams Consulting presented Industrial Hygienist – Teeth are Not Our Specialty! Also, Stacey Darrohn, Sr. Project Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager at Turner Construction presented Construction Safety – More Than Just Wearing a Hard Hat. Lisa Bolin and Stacey Darrohn are Millersville University alumni of the Occupational, Safety, & Environmental Health (OSEH) program. Nancy Adams is a Millersville University alumna and member of the OSEH External Advisory Board, which she served as President for several years.

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