Picnic on the Patio Returns

Today, all of the AEST student organizations came together to sponsor Picnic on the Patio! This free, fun cookout was enjoyed by nearly 200 AEST students. It was planned by the officers of all of the AEST student organizations and supported by their faculty sponsors. Free food for the event was made possible by student organization and faculty donations.

Donations that made this event possible included:

  • MU ASSP Chapter – condiments
  • MU Construction Club – bottled water & ice
  • Epsilon Pi Tau & Dr. Manusos – pasta salad
  • Marauder Graphics – chips and hot dogs
  • Robotics Team – cheeses and veggies
  • MU Society of Manufacturing Engineers – hamburgers & buns
  • TEECA – cookies & ice cream bars
  • Alex Johnson – baked beans

In addition to enjoying a picnic lunch students, faculty, and guests played corn hole and frisbee on the lawn. It was great to have a fun lunch and socialize on a gorgeous spring day as we wind down to the end of the semester.

Thank you to everyone in our AEST community for making this event great!

– Contributed by Prof. Donna Painter

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