Spring Department Social and Recognition

Len and Evanna hosted a department social on April 24, 2022 for the current and retired faculty and staff of the Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology department at their home close to Millersville. This is the first official department social that took place since the pandemic, and it was a nice time to come together for some catching up and to recognize several people who retired during that time.

The following newly retired faculty & staff members were recognized for their service:

Thomas Bell, Professor, 26 years of service

Barry David, Professor,  37.5 years of service

Joseph McCade, Professor, 35 years of service

Donna Hernandez, Office Manager, 33.5 years of service
Jim Hartman, Adjunct Professor for a number of years
James Deisley, Laboratory Technician, 17 years of service

The following current and retired faculty & staff were in attendance along with many spouses and guests:
Thomas Bell,  Barry David, Joe McCade, Donna Hernandez, Jim Hartman, John Hibberd, Ken DeLucca, Paul Specht, Alex Johnson, Dominick Manusos, Sharon Brusic, Scott Warner, Jack Ogutu, Donna Painter, John Haughery, John Wright,  Mark Snyder,  Betty-Jo Bowers, Bill Horst, Laura Westlund, George Kerekgyarto, James LaPorte, Perry Gemmill, Rachel Haynes, and Len Litowitz.

– Contributed by Len Litowitz

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