AEST Professor is Guest Artist at First Friday Exhibition

Each year the Regitz Art Gallery, located in the Ware Center, presents an exhibition of Millersville University’s Art & Design faculty. On April 1, 2022, the MU Faculty Art Show: Fresh From the Studio exhibit opening was held. The opening occurred during Lancaster’s First Friday event providing a broader exposure of MU faculty’s talent to the public. Usually the annual exhibition features only Millersville’s Art & Design faculty, but this year’s event included AEST’s department’s own MFA degreed faculty member, Cindy L.W. English. Each faculty artist was permitted to exhibit one of their works. Ms. English’s entry was a 1:1 scale Viola created from unaltered LEGO elements. The exhibition will run for the entire month of April.

Ms. Cindy L.W. English, AEST CADD professor (left) exhibits her 1:1 scale viola created from unaltered LEGO elements at the April 1 event. She is pictured here with Ms. Rachel Haynes, adjunct CADD professor.


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