Students Tour New School

Professor Rachel Haynes and her students in the Engineering Visualization class went on a jobsite tour of the new Penn Manor High School. Penn Manor is nearing the end of a three-year construction project that has replaced the original school building that was completed in the 1950s. The students got to see the results of the project and they were introduced to several individuals who helped to bring the project from the design phase to completion.

The project architect is Larry Levato with Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates, who shared how they visualized the design with our class of CAD and Construction Management majors. Josh Martin was the construction manager with Warfel Construction who shared how they took the drawings and brought the project to realization. Click Continue Reading below to view more photos of the tour.

– Contributed by Professor Rachel Haynes

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Picnic on the Patio Returns

Today, all of the AEST student organizations came together to sponsor Picnic on the Patio! This free, fun cookout was enjoyed by nearly 200 AEST students. It was planned by the officers of all of the AEST student organizations and supported by their faculty sponsors. Free food for the event was made possible by student organization and faculty donations.

Donations that made this event possible included:

  • MU ASSP Chapter – condiments
  • MU Construction Club – bottled water & ice
  • Epsilon Pi Tau & Dr. Manusos – pasta salad
  • Marauder Graphics – chips and hot dogs
  • Robotics Team – cheeses and veggies
  • MU Society of Manufacturing Engineers – hamburgers & buns
  • TEECA – cookies & ice cream bars
  • Alex Johnson – baked beans

In addition to enjoying a picnic lunch students, faculty, and guests played corn hole and frisbee on the lawn. It was great to have a fun lunch and socialize on a gorgeous spring day as we wind down to the end of the semester.

Thank you to everyone in our AEST community for making this event great!

– Contributed by Prof. Donna Painter

Spring Department Social and Recognition

Len and Evanna hosted a department social on April 24, 2022 for the current and retired faculty and staff of the Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology department at their home close to Millersville. This is the first official department social that took place since the pandemic, and it was a nice time to come together for some catching up and to recognize several people who retired during that time.

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Students Present at Lancaster Safety Council Event

Left to Right: Dan Carpenter, Phil Gomba, Mike Shinkus, Ian Smith, Brianna Reitnauer, Jay Barninger (LSC President), Skylar Tsosie, and Kyle Smith.On Thursday, April 21, 2022, seven students in the AEST department presented the following safety topics at the Lancaster Safety Council (LSC) held at the Conestoga Country Club:

American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Student Section Speakers
ASSP Student Chapter presented their research on campus crosswalk safety–studying pedestrian and driver behaviors. 

Occupational Safety & Environmental Health (OSEH) Student Research
Mike Shinkus (OSEH major) & Ian Smith (OSEH minor) presented lockout tagout for robotics.
Skylar Tsosie (OSEH major) & Kyle Smith (OSEH minor) presented how improved housekeeping can affect product quality and safety.

Millersville University Honors Student
Dan Carpenter (Applied Engineering major) presented predictive maintenance applications (i.e. inferred imaging using a camera to detect heat sources in electrical panels and vibration meters to prevent breakdowns and noise).

Sixteen Millersville students also attended the meeting via Zoom.

– Contributed by Dr. Betty-Jo Bowers

MACK Trucks Holds Recruiting Relationship Event

Alumni Phil Grigonis and Greg Wesolowich visited Osburn Hall on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. They were talking to students about career opportunities with MACK Truck in the Central Pennsylvania region and beyond. The visit was a follow up to a major recruiting event that took place in the fall.

Being graduates of AEST programs, Grigonis and Wesolowich have a keen understanding of the talents professionals produced by this department possess, and they credit their success in their careers in part to the education they received here. In maintaining a relationship with the department, they hope to be show the students a variety of career options as well as impress upon the students the uniqueness of the education they’re receiving here.

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ASSP Student Chapter and ASSP Central PA Hold Joint Meeting

On April 13, 2022, the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Student Chapter partnered with the ASSP Central PA Chapter for their April meeting. Brianna Reitnauer, Phil Gomba, and Emily McComsey presented research on pedestrian and driver safety at Millersville University crosswalks. Eleven ASSP students completed CITI training and participated in the research study led by Brianna Reitnauer, ASSP Vice President. The students plan to submit their crosswalk safety recommendations to Millersville University’s environmental, health, and safety department.

– Contributed by Dr. Betty-Jo Bowers

Manufacturing Students Present at Made in Millersville

Students in Applied Engineering & Technology Management have been designing and manufacturing plastics recycling equipment in Osburn Hall. Seen here at “Made in Millersville” these students are describing their design and manufacturing experience during the Spring 2022 semester. Working with Dr. Alex Johnson, Dr. Chuck Stricker, and Dr. Dominick Manusos; these students have been using a combination of open-source and custom designs to update an existing plastics shredder, manufacture a plastics extruder, and design and manufacture a large capacity single-shot injection molding machine. These efforts have been mostly funded by a Positive Energy Grant obtained by Dr. Manusos and Dr. Johnson; and partially funded by the AEST Department.

– Contributed by Dr. Dominick O. Manusos

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Training

Purdue corporate safety team participants pictured above are as follows: Frank Cruice, Joe Bedard, Derek Helms, Paul Becker, Brendan Smith, and Jennifer Calloway. Other industry participants pictured above are as follows: Noah Hakes, John Griscavage, and Darryl See. Millersville University students participating in the training are as follows: Nigel Marquez, Dan Yost, Madison Potts, Emily McComsey, Zoey Chapman, Vaughn Weldon, Sophia Farrell, Skylar Tsosie, Kyle Smith, Meghan Nolan, Kelci Stonebraker, Clark Moser, Ben Weaver, Brianna Reitnauer, Phil Gomba, Kerri DeWitt, Ryan Sarge, Simon Maier, Nathan Meyers, Jon Schwartz, Matt Hoffman, and Seth Worley.

April 7th to 9th, Perdue corporate safety and security team partnered with Millersville University ASSP student section to provide Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training for twenty-two Millersville University students, primarily safety majors and minors. The training comprised initial in-class theory as well as practical field training. During the practical exercises, students learned about the incident command system (ICS) and donned/doffed appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). They also set up a decontamination zone and worked as a team to contain a simulated leak/spill response scenario. The Perdue safety team provided the hazardous materials (HAZMAT) equipment and PPE. Students performed a tabletop drill and received a 24-hour HAZWOPER certificate. In addition to the training, Purdue corporate human resources conducted a lunch and learn with students to discuss career and internship opportunities.

– Contributed by Dr. Betty-Jo Bowers

AEST Professor is Guest Artist at First Friday Exhibition

Each year the Regitz Art Gallery, located in the Ware Center, presents an exhibition of Millersville University’s Art & Design faculty. On April 1, 2022, the MU Faculty Art Show: Fresh From the Studio exhibit opening was held. The opening occurred during Lancaster’s First Friday event providing a broader exposure of MU faculty’s talent to the public. Usually the annual exhibition features only Millersville’s Art & Design faculty, but this year’s event included AEST’s department’s own MFA degreed faculty member, Cindy L.W. English. Each faculty artist was permitted to exhibit one of their works. Ms. English’s entry was a 1:1 scale Viola created from unaltered LEGO elements. The exhibition will run for the entire month of April.

Ms. Cindy L.W. English, AEST CADD professor (left) exhibits her 1:1 scale viola created from unaltered LEGO elements at the April 1 event. She is pictured here with Ms. Rachel Haynes, adjunct CADD professor.


AEST Supports EPPIIC Academy Program

On Friday, April 8, eighth grade students from the Hazel I. Jackson Middle School visited Osburn Hall to learn about engineering and technology careers. During their visit they toured the laboratory facilities and screen printed their own commemorative t-shirt. Undergraduate students in the Graphic Communication and Technology & Engineering Education programs, along with Prof. Donna Painter, participated in this event.

Pictured L-R: Lauren Walsh, Kaylena Travitz, Julia Meassick, Donna Painter, Micaela Cole, and Aleia Baker.

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