AEST Students Print Bookmarks for Central Manor Elementary Library

by: Prof. Donna Painter

This fall students in the AENG 110 Communication and Information Systems course turned their printed bookmark project into a community service opportunity. They designed bookmarks for the Central Manor Elementary Library in the Penn Manor School District. Designs were created to promote reading and appropriate care of library books. The bookmark designs included simple outline visuals that can be colored by elementary students to further customize the bookmarks. After developing the designs, students worked in teams to generate plates and print the bookmarks using offset lithography presses. After final trimming and packing, the bookmarks were delivered to the Central Manor Elementary Library on October 14.

Elementary students responded positively to having new bookmarks and sent some very colorful thank you notes back to our Information and Communication students. Tailoring class projects to support local schools enables Millersville University students to develop a sense of connectedness to their community.