Working Together: Supporting Susquehanna Litho Club

AEST, in conjunction with University Information Technology Services, has been supporting webinars offered by the Susquehanna Litho Club (SLC). The club typically hosts in-person meetings for their members, guests, and graphics students on various technical and industry-related topics. Due to pandemic restrictions, SLC was unable to hold meetings in their usual format and sought a partner to provide a technical solution. The University was able to host webinars for three of SLC’s events.

The first of the three 60-minute webinars was A Glimpse into the Future of Printing Technology. It was held on October 15, 2020, and was presented by Jim Workman, Vice President of Technology and Research at Printing United Alliance. The State of the Printing Industry webinar was held January 28 and featured a presentation by David Wilaj, Economist and Market Research Analyst at Printing United Alliance. The third webinar, Growing your Business with Interactive Printing, was hosted on March 18 by UnifiedAR co-founder and Executive director Steve Belshaw, and Todd Foster, their local authorized representative. The webinars were moderated by Donna Painter, Applied Engineering and Technology Management Coordinator. Millersville students from the graphic communication concentration were able to participate, along with SLC members in these webinars.

It was a pleasure for AEST to be able to partner with the Susquehanna Litho Club to provide ongoing professional development for their members as well as Millersville students. The webinars also provided an opportunity to promote the Graphic Communication and Packaging Engineering Technology programs.

Contributed by: Ms. Donna Painter, Applied Engineering & Technology Management Coordinator

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