Why I Choose Millersville

Why I Choose Millersville
Mamie Covell ’21

“Why did you come here?”

As a Tour Guide working for the Undergraduate Admissions Office I have gotten this question a lot. The answer is sometimes different, because there were a couple of things that sealed the deal.


Millersville University is located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, a beautiful place with rich history. I grew up about an hour from campus. The distance was far enough that it made sense to live in the residence halls on campus; which I was very excited to do. The drive is manageable so that I can stay connected to the community theater I am a member of.

Millersville’s campus is suburban, a medium sized institution. The aesthetics were very appealing when I did my round of campus visits. There are even some exotic tree species you can spot on tour! The pond is a historically loved location by Millersville students, faculty and staff. I have seen my fair share of Instagram photoshoots and graduation pictures around the pond. The cherry blossom bloom in the spring is my favorite time of the year! My choice to come to Millersville was influenced by the location itself, this is a place I love to see on a daily basis.

Small Class Size

I am a student who learns well through class discussion, Millersville’s small class sizes filled a top priority for me during the college decision process. I enjoy interacting with professors and building a professional relationship with them. In Hollywood movies audiences see seas of 300+ students in a large lecture hall. That is not an environment I think I would thrive in. Most of my classes at Millersville have about 26 or so students. This is the perfect size to foster a discussion based lesson.


Millersville University’s Education program has an amazing reputation, I knew that right away. As an incoming student I was in the Secondary Education Program for English. I had a few teachers in my life that graduated from Millersville. They spoke highly of their experience and I enjoyed being a student in their classes. I quickly gained confidence that the Education program would prepare future teachers for the professional world. I also knew the size of Education program would allow a peer network to be built. There are club and organizations on campus focused on building the bond of future educators. Though I did change my major during my time here, the renowned Education program was a big factor in my choice to come to Millersville. I am grateful for that.

It Felt Right

This is the silliest answer I have to the question “Why did you come to Millersville?”, but a very honest one. My dad gave me a very good piece of advice when it came down to my final choice between two universities. He told me to go visit, but not on a campus tour like we had done months before. A visit to the school where I went alone, walked around, went to the dining hall to get lunch, and felt what it was like to be a Marauder. On the day I came to campus I was reminded of how excited I was to be in college. As I asked for directions, the students I interacted with were very kind. The feel I got for campus culture was friendly and engaged. I sat at the library and finished some of my high school homework and I really felt at home. Wandering around the campus I now call home is a happy memory. I knew I wanted to come to Millersville when I spent a day walking in the shoes of a current student. It just felt right.