Letters of Recommendation

References and letters of recommendation are important, and requests for such warrant a face-to-face dialog, rather than an e-mail. Unless it is during a long break such as summer or winter, when we may not be on campus together, you will need to come to my office to request a letter of recommendation or reference.

For letter of recommendation requests in particular, when you come to my office to request that I write one, please come prepared with a copy of your transcripts, and be ready to discuss your transcripts, extra-curricular activities, research experiences, employment, etc.  This way I can give you an assessment of how strong of a letter I will be able to write for you.  If I determine I won’t be able to write a strong-enough letter for your purposes, you will then have an opportunity to find another writer.

Once we agree that I will write a letter for you you will need to provide me with the following:

1. Download this form, fill it out, and bring it to my office.

2. For graduate school references I also need you to write a first draft of your letter and send it to me electronically. I do this not because I am lazy, but because I need to have an idea as to your writing ability, since this is a question that is frequently asked by graduate schools.