ESCI 241 – Meteorology

An introductory course for meteorology majors and other science majors.

Math and Physics Review

  1. Composition and Structure      Answers
  2. Thermodynamics                       Answers
  3. Radiation                                      Answers
  4. Seasons                                         Answers
  5. Temperature
  6. Humidity                                      Answers
  7. Stability                                        Answers
  8. Thermodynamic Diagrams
  9. Clouds and Fog
  10. Precipitation
  11. Wind                                             Answers
  12. Thickness/Thermal Wind         Answers
  13. Mesoscale Circulations
  14. Global Circulation
  15. Air Masses/Fronts
  16. Extratropical Cyclones
  17. Thunderstorms/Tornadoes

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These notes are not guaranteed to be accurate, and are presented “as is.”