Went to supermarket

Last Friday, the teachers of ELT organized us to take a bus to the supermarket which is five kilometers away from campus. We had six people, Christin(teacher), Mingqi, Linda, Han, Jiwen and me. The main purpose of this trip is to teach us how to take the bus in Millersville University. We leaved at nine twenty in the morning. She gave each of us a bus schedule before we started off. We waited about five minutes, the bus arrived. Soon we arrived at our destination after fifteen minutes.

Firstly, Christin gave us a questionnaire which is about the stores, like how many brand of Swiss cheese is in this supermarket, what is the strangest commodity you feel, what is the difference between this supermarket and Chinese supermarket… We searched every items in the stores. I found the two most strangest things are pork skins and hair skin nails cmplx. Actually, we never seem pork skins as a snack. Besides, I have never seen this medicine in China. Christin explain that it can help people’s skin, hair and nails look better.



When I finished my questionnaire, it was 11:30 a.m. already, because there were too many questions. I found a rice cooker when I explored the supermarket. I really want to buy one because I miss Chinese rice so much. But the salesclerk told me that they just have only one rice cooker, they are unable to sell it to me. In addition, a old woman who is in front of me bought lot of things. So I had to wait her for a long time to check out. In the end, I missed the bus and involved Christin. I felt so sorry for her.