Established in 1922, the mission of Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing, is to improve the health of people worldwide through the development of nurse leaders and nursing knowledge. The society provides its members with opportunities and responsibilities to contribute to the accomplishment of this mission. The purposes of Sigma Theta Tau International are to:

  • recognize superior achievement
  • recognize and develop leadership qualities
  • foster high professional standards
  • encourage creative work, and
  • strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.

2015-2016 Xi Chi-at-Large Chapter Goals:

  1. Work towards an 10th Key award (January 2014 ACHIEVED-9th Consecutive Key Award!!!)
  2. Improve membership involvement
  3. Strengthen leadership succession
  4. Continue to pursue global initiatives

 Current News:

The Xi Chi-atLarge theme for 2015-2016 programs is “Nurses in Service to Vulnerable Populations” aligning with the 43rd Biennial Conference Theme to Serve Locally, Transform Regionally, Lead Globally

2015 Xi Chi Newsletter

Call for Leaders

Xi Chi-at-Large Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International would like to identify Nurse Leader candidates for membership.  Please refer to the Nurse Leader Brochure (pg. 2) for qualification criteria for Nurse Leaders.  Then invite a colleague who meets the criteria and would help to strengthen  our chapter.  Candidates are eligible for membership if they hold:

A minimum of a baccalaureate degree  (BSN or equivalent) and have demonstrated achievement in nursing in at least one of the following areas:

  • education
  • research
  • practice
  • global health
  • administration or
  • publication

Share with a colleague the form and brochure and invite them to apply.  They can use this writeable form online or download and print.  Have them submit the Nurse Leader form and a current resume to Dr. Barbara Zimmerman, Millersville University Nursing Dept, PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA  17551 or email to:  barbara.zimmerman@millersville.edu no later than March 2, 2015.  Invitations to join will be mailed early March for the April 19th induction at 2:00pm.

2015 Nurse Leader Membership Application form

Nurse Leader Member brochure

Call for Chapter Awards

Nominations for awards are due September 1st.  Please consider nominating someone for the following awards.  The criteria and application/nomination information can be found on the Xi Chi-at-Large Chapter website Awards 

  • Excellence in Nursing Practice (must be chapter member)
  • Excellence in Nursing Research (must be chapter member)
  • Mentor Award (must be chapter member
  • Community Leader Award (individual or group does not need to be chapter member) 

In addition, Xi Chi-at-Large offers a scholarship and a research grant.  Information related to these awards can be found on the website. 

Please recognize your Xi Chi peers who serve nursing in a variety of ways.



 Xi Chi-at-Large Chapter GLOBAL INITIATIVE

Dear Xi Chi members:

One of our Xi Chi members, Dennis Freed, is doing mission work in Guatemala.  The Board of Directors is leading chapters members in international efforts and reaching out to Dennis is a great start.  There are many needs in the orphanage, but practically speaking they need financial support and prayers.  The excerpt below (Casa Bernabe) is from the most recent letter sent by the Freed family.

We are asking for members to make a contribution to Dennis’ mission instead of doing a no-bake bake sale.

  • You can make a check out to Xi Chi with a note Freed Family Support on the memo line and we will make a contribution as a group (send to Jean Hershey, 51 Breeze Way, Lancaster, PA  17602) OR:
  • You can follow these directions:

1. Checks made payable to FOCE (Friends of Children Everywhere) and send to PO Box 6904, Kokomo, IN 46904, with Freed Family Support designated either on a note attached to the check or in the memo line.

2.  Via the FOCE website (www.foce.org), and go to the “Donate” link on the top of the page, then to “Donate Online”.  You will have the option of setting up a monthly donation through PayPal (which will require setting up a free PayPal account using your credit card) or making a one time donation.  Please be sure to designate that your donation is for the Freed Family Support (in the one time only donation selection you will be given an option of “describe your donation”, as being for the Freed Family in the Shipping Address selection of the “Review your information” page.)  Direct deposit from your bank account is also an option.  Please contact us for details.  Except for the 3% which is deducted by PayPal if you use their services, 100% of your donation goes to the Freed Family Support.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Please let us know (just reply to Dee Minchoff at daminchh@lancastergeneralcollege.edu) if you choose to send a donation directly and the amount.  The chapter would like to match contributions up to $500 total.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and if you are able to make a monetary donation.


Xi Chi-at-Large Chapter Board of Directors

CASA BERNABÉ –where Dennis is doing his mission work




A home with 150 children and additional support staff needs a lot of food. The picture above shows a panoramic view of the garden which supplements the vegetables that are needed to feed the children and staff of the home.

And that is the vision of Casa Bernabé: to provide a healthy environment that meets the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs for children in its care. Many people contribute to fulfilling these needs. One recent answer to prayer is funding to build a new house to increase the capacity to provide more housing for the frequent calls from governmental agencies to bring more children.

For Denny, in addition to serving on the Administrative Counsel, the primary role that keeps him busy is the healthcare of the children. His big challenge right now is developing a concise system for the children’s records regarding health issues. Dealing with the health issues of children and staff provides an interesting variety of primary health issues. The onset of the rainy season has brought with it the usual spate of viral infections as well. Over the past month three of the houses experienced a major outbreak of varicella (chicken-pox). Two of the homes had at least 10 children under 4 in each home sick at the same time. The children did very well with only a few super-infections requiring more treatment, but the staff were obviously very relieved when their children recovered. The interesting thing is that almost all of these children had been vaccinated for varicella by the public health system, which gives me concerns with the quality of the vaccination program pursued here.

In July a team will be helping to do physical exams for all the children for routine check-ups. Casa Bernabé continues to pursue the necessary governmental approval to be able to open the clinic to the surrounding communities.

 CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: 011-502-5704-7783 (Denny)

Email: dennisfreed63@gmail.com (Denny)


Xi Chi has earned its 9th Consecutive Chapter Key Award. Few chapters have achieved this honor, and Xi Chi is the only chapter to have earned 9 consecutive awards. This is a tribute to the chapter membership, and all individual and collective achievements that support the missions of STTI.  Carol Forsyth, Xi Chi President, will receive the award at the 2013 Biennium Convention.

For all upcoming events, please see Events on right-hand side.

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