Conference Videos

The conference was video taped.
QT =The videos use Quicktime if you want to play them online.
[PPT] = If Powerpoints from the sessions are available, they can be downloaded as a zipped file.
[RA768Kbps] = on-demand streaming videos 256Kbps for faster connections
All are in MPEG4 format.

  • Opening Welcome By Dr. Victor DeSantis and Ms. Frances Moore Lappe’ [QT] [RA768Kbps]
  • Alternative Energies Panel [QT][ RA768Kbps][PPT]
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship Panel [QT][RA768Kbps]
  • Population growth cultural sustainability [QT][RA768Kbps]
  • Keynote by Gary Hirsherg (founder of Stoney Field Farm organic dairy products QT][RA768Kbps]
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Strategies, Local Urban Planning [QT ][RA768Kbps]
  • Fair Trade with Doug-dirks [QT ][RA768Kbps]
  • National Smart Growth and Urban Planning [Streaming Video Still being Processed]
  • Food Sustainability: A Local Approach  [Streaming Video Still being Processed]
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Strategies [Streaming Video Still being Processed]
  • Closing Speaker Dr. Nadine Garner and Lilly Belanger with No Impact Project [QT]

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