LANCASTER, PA, JULY 10, 2012—During the summer of 2012, The Software Productization Center (SPC) at Millersville University is collaborating with two local entrepreneurs for the center’s fifth year of their Seed/Assistance Funding grant program.  Each spring SPC puts out a call for proposals to help local businesses productize an idea to help grow the company through efforts of talented and trained Millersville University students.

Local entrepreneurs Fran Gillott and Ryan Keener, both from Lancaster County, have a vision for a delivery business opportunity in Lancaster and surrounding counties but needed a specific kind of website and mobile application to get the project off the ground. University students and professors from the departments of computer science, art/design, business and communication are working together with the two professionals to develop and launch DeliveryCrowd in Fall 2012 at

Students are involved in every aspect of the project including research and development, brand design, and software infrastructure creation, and case use studies. This year’s student team includes second year SPC veteran Bob Hennessey, Adam Bitner, Logan Peck, Dan Lipson, and Bri Piccari.  Hennessey notes, “The real benefit is the experience gained from collaborating with such a diverse team.  Only a fool would not take the opportunity as often as possible.”

The SPC at Millersville University was initially formed with a three-year infrastructure grant from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) and received a fifth year of funding to continue the program in 2012.  The center aims to strengthen the regional economy by assisting a fledgling business with a software produce created through faculty and student expertise.  The student role in the SPC is so vital that slightly over 40% of the center’s operating budget is comprised of student salaries.

The term “software productization” refers to the process of turning an underdeveloped software concept or early prototype into a marketable product, and the mission of the SPC is to assist regional entrepreneurs with developing all aspects of their software product from market research to software prototype to branding and physical packaging. The SPC is a cross-disciplinary effort that has involved faculty and students from computer science, graphic design, business/marketing, and communication/media.  Together, the faculty steering committee of Stephanie Elzer, Nancy Mata and Patrick McCaskey have mentored over twenty five students as they have worked with five different companies, including WorkXPress, Cruzstar, MRG Power Labs, Runoff Studios, and Hayden Films.  For more information please check their website at, Twitter at SPC@Millersville or “like” them on facebook.

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Cemboo is here!

Cemboo Launch TODAY

Join the Millersville University Software Productization Center and Haydenfilms for the launch of Cemboo, today, from 6-8PM at the Ware Center Atrium, 42 Prince Street, Lancaster.  The event will feature a demo of this unique new software product that is sure to rock the digital content world, an explanation about how Cemboo works, and comments from others in town specifically to celebrate the creation of this software as a service (SaaS).

In addition to celebrating the launch of the next big thing, we’ll celebrate the collaborative efforts of the Software Productization Center and Haydenfilms and the students, staff, and entrepreneurs who made Cemboo a software product that empowers content owners with the flexibility to control, monetize and distribute their own digital media content through values of quality, community and innovation. “Today’s online distribution landscape is littered with companies that take advantage of content owners,” said Haydenfilms president Hayden Craddolph. “Cemboo’s new Software as a service (SaaS) platform will go a long way towards giving content owners full control and an opportunity to keep 100 percent of their ad venue from their library.”   Cemboo is new, and exciting, and innovative.

We hope you can celebrate with us TODAY!


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Bringing it all together~

tweak- adjust finely; “fine-tune the engine”- adjust for (better) functioning; “tune the engine.”

October is all about tweaking when it comes to putting those final touches on the Software Productization Center’s work with Haydenfilms on Cemboo.   Students are working on making this sophisticated program look as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside.  The animation and color scheme are fresh, the back end programming is complicated and challenging but seemless, and the business plan is thorough.  Looking good Cemboo!

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A new year, a new software product!

Classes are in session, the floods from Irene are receding, and our five students and support staff move forward with all eyes on early October, when we hope Cemboo will be unveiled and released.  The end result will be cool and slick, functional and informational, and exactly what the world needs now.  The animation is fun and engaging and the back end work on this project is mind boggling.  We can’t wait for you to have a peak.  But you will have to wait for another month.  In the meantime, sign up for release information and get on the mailing list with Cemboo.

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Meet our students!

Software Productization Center is pleased to introduce you to five super “future alumni” who are paving their way to fulfilling and interesting careers as they learn through this summer’s collaboration with Haydenfilms on the software product called Cemboo.

Kate Bealer, from Boyertown, PA, is a Senior Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing.  She is a member of National Society of Leadership and Success and enjoys reading, baking, and baseball.

Kate Cox is a Senior BFA major in Graphic & Interactive Design.  She hails from Lancaster and enjoys her jobs as a Projectionist, a Freelance Illustration & Design, and a Screen Printer and she also likes Sewing, Gardening, Spelunking, Cooking, and Making Coloring Books.

Tony Guasco, a senior Art Major with a concentration in Graphic Design, hails from Lancaster, PA.  He is a Lab Technician for Breidenstine Hall and was once in Customer Service at Lowes Home Improvement.  Tony also does freelance work and likes hiking and music.

Bob Hennessey is from Coatestown, PA.  He is a Junior in the Computer Science Department, and minors in Physics and Math.  Bob also work at Ganser Library
and enjoys soccer, ultimate frisbee, and board games.

Kyle Toth is a Senior Computer And Information Sciences Major from Newfoundland, PA.  He is a Computer Science tutor involved in wrestling, getaway, UAB, tutoring, and JAM crew.  In his spare time he likes wrestling, football, soccer, volleyball, badminton, tennis, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic lifting.


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Things we never have to do

It is nice to sometimes think about the things we don’t have to do.   Most people have “to do” lists and SPC is no exception.  We are checking things off the list for our summer collaboration with Hydenfilms, and moving further down the list toward a goal of completing Cemboo in October.   It is an exciting project and we are glad to be part of it.  But this list of seven things we never have to do will help carry us on to the next project, and the one after that.  Number 5 & 7 are my favorites.  And you?

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Enter the cloud

Students working with SPC this summer are doing something different than they have done before.  This year, their software architecture will be based in the cloud.  And many educators are going this route too.  A recent Campus Technology article got me thinking about the potential for student learning as well as faculty learning.  We learn as our students learn, and their work pushes our work, our pedagogy, and our scholarship.  Cloud based resources are coming our way; it is time to learn more about them.  This article is a start.   John Kuglin and his innovative thinking can inspire us.


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Thing One and Thing Two

Creating a software product from the bottom up is one thing (and a complicated thing at that), but learning how to make money using that product is another thing entirely.   Students working with our Cemboo product are researching how other companies make a financial dent in their investment, to learn how best to serve this year’s collaborators.  Researching banner ads and scalable pricing rates, along with how CPM (cost per 1000 views) are predicted and counted, moves these notions along.  Heady stuff for this hot mid-July, but we like it.  And you will too, once you see what we have been up to.

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A leg up on the job market of the future

We enjoy seeing articles like this, because it shows the value of the “summer job” a Millersville University student might have, if s/he becomes involved in a SPC project.

Basically, the article notes that cloud computing gives nontechnical people the ability to access some pretty weighty and sophisticated software resources to do their jobs better.  MU Students are learning skills to keep that cloud “up there.”  So, enjoy the article and the notion that our students are learning “cloud” skills to make the world a better place and hone in one some key new job possibilities.


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