Webpage Content Tips

Many campus partners have asked for assistance with evaluating the content on their site during our cleanup process. Below is a guide to help assess your page content and edit as necessary to prepare for the new website!

What is the goal of this page? (limit text to avoid overwhelming the audience)

  • Most people prefer to skim text to find what they’re looking for. Keep it short.

Who is the audience? (write for the reader – current student, prospective student, faculty, staff, etc.?)

  • Relate to the reader

What are the objectives you want to communicate? (what do you want the reader to learn)

  • Brag (ex. This program is the only one of its kind in Central PA)

What is the call to action? (what should they do after reading?)

  • It’s ok to use, contact us, but try using more exciting phases (Meteorology example: instead of contact us use Storm into your future…)

Features/points to include? (anything else?)

  • Only students that study at MU have this opportunity!

What keywords and phrases should be included in your copy for SEO (ex. google searches)? (what keywords would a potential reader search for when using google or another search engine?)

  • Instead of only using the term Meteorology. Add: Meteorologist, weather forecasting, forecaster, etc. throughout your copy.