Simplify Your Site (revised)

The website redesign project is well underway. In the coming weeks, our entire website will undergo content migration. Tentatively all content will freeze in October to begin migration.

What’s content migration? Content migration means all content (text, images, files, etc.) will be locked (no edits) and migrated onto the new site as-is.

What can you do to prepare? Simplify your site. Below are a few suggestions on how best to clean up your site.

Request and Review
Submit a request for a Google Analytics report of your program/department page. This report measures traffic to your page and can be used as a guide to help you determine what needs deleted/combined or simply edited. Requests can be submitted at the bottom of this page.

Please note: Pages that have not been visited will not be listed in this report.

Read your pages. Update and remove outdated copy. Edit errors. Check links. The ‘stale content’ report within Cascade will show you pages that have not be touched in 60 days.

Make a list
Make a list of pages, files, images, etc. you think can be deleted and combined. Using the Google Analytics report will help you determine if deleting a page is appropriate based on pageviews.

Before deleting pages, please review the ‘relationships tab’ in Cascade to determine if the page is linked to/from another source within your site. Caution – this does not check the entire site, only sites you have access to.  

Did you make a mistake? Cascade now has a recycle bin feature that holds deleted content for 30 days!

What not to do
– Do not adjust the layout of your site
– Do not move pages
– Do not rename pages, files, images

Ask yourself the following questions when writing and updating new content:

Who is your main audience?
Write content for your intended audiences, shortening it to be very precise, direct and summarized. Make sure there is a clear call to action.

What are the most important facts/info for users to know about the department?
• Identify the top questions that your office receives and make sure that info is available on your site.
• Think about research, department specific events/deadlines that would be important to have on your site.
• Are your forms and files easy to find? If not, make them easily accessible.

Check out Cascade Documentation for more tips!

Additional questions on site clean up? Contact Kelly Herr at x5833.


Google Analytics Report Request

Please use this form to request a Google Analytics report to help clean up your site.
  • Enter the email you would like the report sent to.
  • Please copy and paste your website url. Example: