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Brittany Feichtel

Millersville University (MU) senior Brittany Feichtel of Lewisberry is the latest student to attend The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS). Feichtel is working in the office of House Majority Leader Dave Reed as part of the 15-week internship sponsored by Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education.

Feichtel is a senior government and political affairs major, with minors in management, international studies, environmental hazards and emergency management. She is one of 11 students participating in The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS) program, which provides students the opportunity to work in all areas of state government while earning a full semester’s worth of credits. THIS invites students from each of the 14 State System universities to participate.

“It will be exciting to see first-hand how the House of Representatives shape different policies and laws that they are currently working on. I am honored that I am able to have this amazing experience and I am thankful for the opportunity to gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom,” says Feichtel.

She and the other students participating in the program will attend several academic seminars during their spring semester internship. Each of the students will complete an individualized research project as part of the program’s requirements. More than 600 students from the State System universities have participated in THIS since the program began in 1989, each gaining valuable insight into the workings of state government at the policy-making level.

State System students interested in participating in THIS in a future semester may obtain information on the program by contacting their individual campus coordinator or their university’s cooperative or internship office, or by calling the Dixon University Center at (717) 720-4089. More information on the program also is available at:

For more information, visit

For questions, please contact Millersville University’s Campus Coordinator, Professor Richard A. Glenn, at 717- 871-7486 or






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