This edition of Who Makes Millersville Special features Linda Rogers, who recently retired from Millersville as the interlibrary loan technician. She began at the University in September 1992.


Linda Rogers


Q:  What are the various job titles you’ve had over the years?

A:  Clerk typist 2, clerk typist 3, and interlibrary loan technician

Q:  How has the library changed over the years?

A:  With the onset on computer technology, patrons no longer need to visit the library for some materials. Computer software replaced the card catalog.

Q:  Libraries across the nation have changed in their scope and focus.  Do you think the changes have been positive?

A:  Yes. More academic libraries focus on faster services for their patrons. Interfaced-computer programs can provide electronic articles to these users within 24 hours or less.

Q:  With so much information available via computers, Smartphones, etc., why is there still a need for a library?

A:  Even with electronic systems, it is impossible for libraries to provide access to all the materials needed by patrons to do their research. Libraries assist patrons in identifying the best possible resources for their research and help obtain needed books and articles that are not part of the regular collection. The Interlibrary Loan/Resource Sharing Department where I work aids in obtaining unavailable materials for our patrons and other libraries’ patrons.  In fact, during the 2013 fiscal year, we provided 33,763 filled requests, and we are on track to fill 35,754 requests for the 2014 fiscal year.

Q:  What are some of your favorite memories at Millersville?

A:  Graduation day and moving back into the newly-renovated library.

Q:  I understand that you and your son graduated at the same time from Millersville.  Could you tell us about that?

A:  My son, Jeremy, and I both graduated from Millersville University the spring of 2002.  Jeremy’s degree was in sociology with a criminology option. I graduated cum laude with a psychology degree and an English writing minor.

Q:  What do you do in your spare time?

A:  I like to do crossword, cryptoquip, and Sudoku puzzles, and I also take my dog for walks.

Q:  What are your plans now that you’ve retired?

A:  My husband and I plan to spend more time visiting our grandson and also doing some travelling.

Q:  Do you have any pets?

A:  I have a 9-year-old dog named Sasha. She’s a Peek-A-Pom (Pekingese/Pomeranian) purebred cross.

Q:  Favorite food?

A:  Unfortunately, macaroni and cheese.

Q:  What was the last book you read?

A:  The Bible. I try to read it every day.


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  1. David Errickson

    I carpooled with Linda for several years. Her good humor made the road time fly by (especially in her hot Malibu). We were always laughing on the ride to and from campus. I will miss her.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Retirement is wonderful. I wish you and your family many happy years of visiting and traveling. My family have been blessed and enjoy more time together.
    Bonnie Work / Retired from Purchasing and/ Math & Computer Science Dept.

  3. Martha Widmayer

    It’s wonderful to see Linda Rogers chosen for “Who Makes Millersville Special.” Not only has she handled Interlibrary Loan with dazzling efficiency and remarkable skill, she’s supervised dozens of student workers over the years, teaching, mentoring, and helping them prepare for their future careers. She’s an outstanding graduate who’s brought her scholarly experience to her library work, as well as to her role as a dedicated student advisor. Her value to faculty and students involved in research has been inestimable; I, for one, have relied on her knowledge and insight more times than I can count. Mrs. Rogers has been a constant reminder that the best of libraries isn’t a building; it’s a harbor from which curious minds can set sail under the careful, personal guidance of navigators like her. Thank you, Linda, for helping so many find their way.

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